Airport Taxi Chicago

Airport Taxi Chicago

If you wish to transfer from O’Hare Airport to Chicago downtown by taxi, take in mind that the total distance between both locations is 17 miles (27 km), which means a transferring time of minimum 30 minutes.

Traffic jams and delays are a common issue to deal with, since traffic in Chicago is always hectic. Our recommendation is the sooner you travel, the better.

According to local reports, taxi drivers do not really use the light system (if the light is turned on means the cab is available). Try to hail a cab ignoring this fact – if you prefer, do it at a major hotel premises or train station. Taxis are more likely to be in the city center and the locations described above rather than in the suburbs and residential areas. If that is the case, call any of the available cab companies detailed below.



Taxis are located on the lower level of each terminal at O’Hare airport, outside the Baggage Claim Area. Taxis run through Chicago and the suburban areas. It is recommended to pick up a licenced taxi and not to accept taxi rides outside the taxi rank or from the Departures level.



The following taxi companies serve O’Hare Airport:

  • Airport Taxi O’Hare: +1 847 252 9237
  • 303 Taxi: +1 847 303 0303
  • OnCabs Chicago: +1 815 600 8803
  • Metro Yellow Cab: +1 847 526 2227
  • Ohare Airport Taxi: +1 847 666 5151

If do you need to request a taxi accessible by wheelchair, please, call: 1.855.WAV.1010



All taxis are metered and rates depend of the taxicab service and the day (weekday, weekend, festivity).

The minimum fare per journey is USD $ 2.25. Please take in mind that trips from and to O’Hare or Midway Airports have an additional USD $ 1.00 fee.

Approximately Rates (based on time and mileage) from O’Hare Airport to Downtown Chicago is about USD $30-$40.

Even tipping is not compulsory; it is polite to at least tip the driver with a rate of 7.5%.

While paying, it is recommended to so by cash, especially for short trips. Pay only by card when it is strictly necessary.

Fares to other popular destinations within Chicago:

  • To Midway Airport: USD $67.60 (40 minutes)
  • To Forest Park terminal (Blue Line): USD $36.33 (30 minutes)
  • To Washington Street (Grayslake): USD $83.11 (40 minutes)


Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip.

Shared ride fares from O'Hare (approx.):

  • Downtown Chicago: USD $24.00/person.
  • McCormick Place: USD $24.00/person.
  • Midway Airport: USD $37.00/person