Chicago O'Hare Airport Terminals

O’Hare International Airport facilities are distributed along a semi-circle complex which is formed by four passenger terminals. 

From any of the airport terminals, it is possible to access to the ground transportation centre from the curbfront.

Though it is a huge airport, its layout can be quite confusing.

Transfer between terminals

By the ATS train is possible to transfer between terminals at the pre-security areas. It has a few minutes’ frequency.

A shuttle bus connects the Parking Lot F and the domestic terminals (1, 2 and 3) with Terminal 5.

Alternatively, for transferring between domestic terminals, by the Pedestrian Tunnel Level is possible to get from one each other and also to the main parking garage, which is located in the center of the airport premises, the Hilton Hotel and the Bus/Shuttle Centre at Level 1.



O’Hare Airport consist in four passenger terminals: Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 5, which is the international terminal.

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Terminal 1 (domestic terminal)

The Domestic Terminal 1. Note that United International Departures set from this terminal. It is home of Concourses B and C.

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Terminal 2 (domestic terminal)

The Domestic Terminal 2. Concourses E and F are hosted here.

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Terminal 3 (domestic terminal)

The Domestic Terminal 3. Concourses G, H, K and L are hosted here.

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Terminal 5 (international terminal)

The newest and only international terminal. All international airlines offer their services there, excepting United, which hosts its International Departures at Terminal 1. It is home of Concourse M.

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Terminals at O’Hare airport are provided with several services, facilities and amenities